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Outperform an all-flash array with your existing storage. The NSC-055s Network-based Metadata Accelerator enhances the performance of existing storage by off-loading metadata processing. Being as much as 10x faster than the fastest all-flash storage array processing metadata, our customers typically experience a significant reduction in workload processing times. Processing costs are reduced and users experience improved response times.

Transparently migrate inactive data off your existing storage to low-cost cloud our object storage. The NSC-110 Network-based Storage Controller also off-load metadata processing while continuously migrating inactive data to a cloud or low-cost storage tier without requiring a slow gateway or complex new file system. With the NSC-110 all migrated data keeps its always on profile and appears local for instant recall. Customers get the best of both worlds with our controllers: Active data performance is significantly improved and inactive data storage costs are dynamically reduced.

Installing like a network switch, all of our products use deep-packet inspection to keep track of file activity instead of a traditional overlay file system. If servers and clients are working with a “D:” drive or specific mount point name, no matter where the data has been migrated, servers and clients continue to work with the same “D:” drive or mount point name. In other words, ZERO workflow changes.

infinite io has taken the intelligence usually associated with a storage system and put it into a networking device.

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“Infinite io is unique in terms of data management because of where it lives.”

“The NSC-110 looks to be a promising and welcome alternative for organizations looking to optimize their storage infrastructure.”

“infinite io's NSC-110 network storage controller offers an innovative approach to file storage and cloud integration.”

"infinite io’s solution to the problem of excessive inactive data is unique to the storage industry.”