Empowering the Cloud to Handle Non-Flash Data

"Removing the 85%+ of data that is not actively being accessed not only makes the all-flash data center a reality it also reduces complexity throughout the data center."

The Hidden Challenge to Network Attached Storage and Cloud Performance

"The ever increasing rate of data growth puts a constant burden on existing storage systems to maintain performance and capacity goals. Storage administrators constantly need to modify and enhance storage infrastructure to meet application performance and data delivery goals."

Maximizing the Performance and Usability of Storage

"The NSC-110’s total invisibility to installed applications and automatic file migration is unique to the industry and provides a non-disruptive means of object/cloud enabling any file-based application or storage system."

The Death of Storage as We Know It

"The very design that makes storage systems reliable and mission-critical also makes them unable to cost-effectively scale to support large amounts of cold data."

Analyst Reviews

“Infinite io is unique in terms of data management because of where it lives.”

“The NSC-110 looks to be a promising and welcome alternative for organizations looking to optimize their storage infrastructure.”

“infinite io's NSC-110 network storage controller offers an innovative approach to file storage and cloud integration.”

"infinite io’s solution to the problem of excessive inactive data is unique to the storage industry.”